DesignOps & Leadership

Improving how we work together, how we get work done and the impact our work has.

What I’m good at

Improving design workflows and outputs

Instilling a human-centric culture company-wide

Nurturing design teams to deliver at pace and scale

DesignOps & design leadership

I lead design across multifunctional teams, creating efficient workflows, building high-performing design teams and improving the quality and impact of design outputs. I also support design teams and individuals in growing their UX and product design capabilities.

  • Workflow & process improvements
  • Creative direction & design critique
  • Design systems governance
  • Nurturing a human-centred design culture
  • Finding and developing design talent
  • Mentoring / coaching individuals and teams
  • Thought leadership — Speaking & writing
DesignOps and design leadership

Work with me

Due to current work commitments, I only have limited availability for the following activities:

1hr coaching call

  • Use me as a sounding board
  • Discuss your biggest challenges
  • Areas of expertise include: DesignOps, workflow/process improvement, hiring talent, onboarding & building teams

Speaking engagements

  • Experienced public speaker
  • Talk durations 20-40minutes
  • Topics include: user-centred design, design systems, DesignOps, change management, tech ethics and deceptive design

Training workshops

  • Lively and engaging workshops
  • From 2 hours to multi-day programmes
  • Topics include: user-centred design methods, user research, visual thinking and workshop facilitation

What I do

Designing for digital since 1996

UX & product design

As a practising designer I use human-centred design methods to craft digital products and services that support both the needs of customers and the goals of the business.

Design operations

As a design lead I strive to create efficient workflows, and improve the quality and impact of design outcomes. I build high-performing teams that deliver research and design capability at scale.

Design mentor & coach

As a design mentor and coach I provide support to design teams and individuals growing their UX / product design capability and careers, from first timers to seasoned pros.