Sean Johnson

Experience Design Lead

Deliver better apps, websites and digital services. Designed for how people think, feel and behave.

Sean Johnson - UX Designer

Designing for digital since 1998

I’m Sean Johnson, a multi-disciplined designer with over 20 years’ experience in digital design. I specialise in user experience and have worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes, from small local businesses to household names, including HSBC, SEAT, Canon and Shelter.

As an experience design lead, I can help you

  • Identify unmet user needs to drive innovation
  • Reduce risk by validating ideas & testing solutions
  • Build the right things, in the right order
  • Deliver an MVP that has real commercial impact

Designing type, and other things

With a background in graphic design, I also have a number of creative pursuits, including illustration, brand identity and type design. In 2008 I made the popular Hand of Sean font and have gone on to work with some of the world’s leading type foundries and brands.

Sean Johnson — Experience Design Lead

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Member of the Interaction Design Foundation and certified Design Sprint 2.0 facilitator and trainer.

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