Design Mentor
& Coach

Helping designers improve, realise their true potential and grow their career.

Who I work with

Recent graduates

Just completed a design programme and looking for your first design job?

Mid-weight Designers

Already working in design and looking to improve your skills?

Career advancers

Already working in design and looking to move up the ladder?

UX & product design coaching & mentoring

With over 25 years experience of working in design, on both sides of the hiring fence, I can help you better yourself and grow your design career.

  • Portfolio & CV reviews
  • Interview preparation & guidance
  • Career growth & up-skilling advice
  • Design process improvement
  • Facilitation training
DesignOps and design leadership

Helping designers be better

Online courses to help designers run better workshops, improve their portfolio and grow their careers.

Improve your UX portfolio

Ultimate UX Portfolio course gives you everything you need to cut through the noise, stand out from other applicants and get more interviews.

Deliver better workshops

Ultimate Facilitator training programme gives you the skills that every designer needs to deliver engaging client and stakeholder workshops.

What I do

Designing for digital since 1996

UX & product design

As a practising designer I use human-centred design methods to craft digital products and services that support both the needs of customers and the goals of the business.

Design operations

As a design lead I strive to create efficient workflows, and improve the quality and impact of design outcomes. I build high-performing teams that deliver research and design capability at scale.

Design mentor & coach

As a design mentor and coach I provide support to design teams and individuals growing their UX / product design capability and careers, from first timers to seasoned pros.